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Violence against women - Did you know?

 External injuries are the fifth leading cause of death among women in Israel.

 According to the 1996-97 National Health Interview Survey, self-reported injuries occurred more frequently among males than females up till the age of 65. Above the age of 65, injuries are reported for women almost twice as frequently as for men.

 The number of battered women in Israel is estimated to be about 20,000.

 According to conservative estimates, approximately 10% of married women in Israel are subject to domestic violence each year and about 7% are exposed to ongoing abuse.

 In a 1988 national telephone survey of women aged 22 and above, 11% of all women reported that they had been subjected to violent acts by a spouse or partner.

 In 1998, 1,512 women aged 18-64 and 131 women over age 65 were reported as having visited the emergency room as a result of a violence.

 Between 1990-1998, 196 women in Israel were murdered, 151 Jewish women and 45 Arab women. Two-thirds of the victims were murdered by their partners or other family members.

 In 1998, 2,680 files were opened by the police for crimes of sexual violence.

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